Thursday, 25 June 2015

Most Important Criteria to You, an Astute Investor: Location & Size

The location and size of this rare piece of prime property give astute investors like yourself many possibilities.

Across the road is Jimbaran Bay (left side of the Layout), beautiful white sand beach - an extremely popular "seafood dining on the beach" area in Bali. Close to 1.1 Hectare in size, you have an option to build a few different businesses; Zoned as Visitor Accommodation, this land is great for a 4-5 star hotel; or an elite apartment complex.

There are 3 villas and also a tennis court, all are in an ok condition, but you only need to pay for the value of the land.

Land Status: Freehold
Land Size: 10990 m2
Price: IDR 20 Million per M2 (negotiable)
For a limited time:
You can aquire half of the land (top part of the layout; or facing the beach - the right side)
- Total Land Size: 5200 m2
- IDR 22 Million per M2 (negotiable).

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